Electroyuzhmontazh CJSC

About the Company

Electroyuzhmontazh CJSC is a specialized organization on electrical installation and commissioning at power supply facilities, transformer substations and distribution plants of up to 750 kV, power electrical equipment, lighting sets, external and intrashop electrical networks of industrial companies, buildings and structures, including power equipment of nuclear power plants on the RF territory.

The company’s history goes back to April 1999 when Electroyuzhmontazh LLC was established in Kharkov (Ukraine). The company’s establishment was based on the experience of workers employed in Electroyuzhmontazh all-union trust – the largest company engaged in assembly and start-up of electrical equipment and automation systems of thermal and nuclear power plants.

Since March 2000 within the framework of cooperation with Electrocentromontazh OJSC (Russia) Electroyuzhmontazh LLC’s personnel performed electrical installation works on reconstruction and construction of units at Kursk NPP (Kurchatov division of Electroyuzhmontazh), reconstruction of units of Kashirskaya SDPP, Novoryazanskaya TPP, Ryazan SDPP (Novomoskovsk division of Electroyuzhmontazh), as well as took part in construction of the polymeric metal coating shop (PMCS) and construction of main step-down substation #14 (MSDS-14 of 220/10 kV) at the integrated iron-and-steel works of Severstal OJSC (Cherepovets, general contractor -Electromontazh Company OJSC).   

In view of the increased demand for qualified work in April 2007 Electroyuzhmontazh LLC took a decision to establish the RF subsidiary – DP Electroyuzhmontazh LLC based in Moscow, which in 2009 was reorganized into independent structure Electroyuzhmontazh CJSC. The main partners and customers of Electroyuzhmontazh CJSC are the following organizations:

  •     Electrocentromontazh OJSC, Moscow
  •     Moscow division of Electrocentromontazh OJSC, Moscow
  •     Novomoskovsk division of Electrocentromontazh OJSC, Novomoskovsk, Tula region
  •    Kurchatov division of Electrocentromontazh OJSC, Kurchatov, Kursk region
  •    Kostroma division of Electrocentromontazh OJSC, Kostroma
  •    Electromontazh Company OJSC, Moscow
  •    Koksochim-Electromontazh LLC, Moscow
  •    Uralmontazhavtomatika OJSC, Yekaterinburg
  •    Sibirenergoengineering OJSC, Krasnoyarsk
  •    EMU-7 LLC (AC ESKM LLC), Krasnodar
  •    Novovoronezh division of Electrocentromontazh OJSC, Novovoronezh

Electroyuzhmontazh CJSC is a member of non-profit partnership Centrstroyexpertiza-Status Self-Regulatory Organization (Moscow) and has Certificate # SD-0173-07122009-7713689675-5 dated 28.01.2015 on permit to works in the construction sphere, as well as Certificate # SD-0597-25112011-P-7713689675-3 dated 27.01.2015 on permit to works in the design engineering sphere, which impact safety of capital construction projects. 

To date, Electroyuzhmontazh CJSC has highly qualified personnel in the amount of 250 people and numerous autonomous divisions on the RF territory.